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Active 1 Electrical Services: The Best Commercial And Industrial Electricians In Sydney
Whether it’s a residential project or a retail space, a fully qualified electrician can help you plan and supply your building with power. An electrician handles the smooth operation of any workplace. Without a trained electrician, you can expect poor maintenance or installation to lead to blackout and electrical fires.

Need to check your wires or plan an electrical system? Active 1 Electrical Services has top-notch electrical services. We also have a team of skilled electricians who are fully licensed in commercial, industrial, and domestic work. With our help, you can sit back, worry-free, as we repair any issues and take care of all your electrical needs.

Quality Services From The Best Electrical Company In Sydney

With over a decade of experience, we have licensed and insured electricians, providing commercial and industrial electrical services, maintenance, repairs, and installations.

With our comprehensive knowledge in all areas of commercial and industrial electrical services, we have worked with many high profiled building corporations on large commercial and industrial properties, both new and existing. Our industrial electrician services range from complete rewiring to maintenance, and everything in between.

Here are the different services which our industrial and commercial electricians perform for our clients.

  • Installation of switches, charging points, and sockets
  • Window and display lighting for retail areas
  • Inspection and testing for commercial and industrial electrical requirements
  • Fitting and testing of fire alarms
  • Fitting and testing of security lighting
  • Fuse box repair and replacement
  • Lighting design and installation for residential spaces

We have a wealth of experience in commercial, industrial, and specialised applications. These are just some of the many things that we can do to keep your lights on and your machines humming.

Talk to us if you have a particular job in mind. We can assign an industrial or commercial electrician with the right qualifications for the task!

We Also Provide Emergency Electrical Services

We know how important it is to keep a steady and reliable power supply in any building. Without electricity, most businesses would grind to a halt, and domestic work becomes ten times more difficult.

If you need an emergency electrician, contact us through our number – we’ll get to work at once! You can also send us an online enquiry or an email about your concerns. We’ll answer within one to two business days.

We provide no-obligation quotes for our services. If you have any questions, our electrical contractors in NSW are a message away.

FAQs About Commercial And Industrial Electricians
Commercial, industrial, and domestic electricians all perform different jobs. Keep reading to find out which type of electrician you’ll need for your electrical work.
What Is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician repairs and maintains electrical systems in commercial spaces. They provide commercial electrical services in Sydney, such as planning, inspecting, and designing electrical systems. Here are examples of commercial spaces.

  • Office areas
  • Shopping malls
  • Mid to large-sized retail stores

Some commercial electricians will do these tasks for a completed building. Others need to coordinate with contractors as a structure is being built. This requires expert and specialised commercial electricians who are quick at spotting problems. Commercial electricians also coordinate with commercial contractors and building owners.

Some conduits and tubes have to adhere to local electrical codes. Local commercial electricians will be familiar with these and can provide you with electrical installations or electrical cables that are up to code.

What Is The Difference Between An Industrial And Commercial Electrician?

Industrial electricians repair and maintain sophisticated electrical safety management systems for certain industries, like factory work or mining. These industries use complex equipment in their facilities. This will need the specialised training of an industrial electrician.

These are examples of places that need industrial electrical services.

  • Large electrical firms
  • Mining companies
  • Car manufacturers

Industrial electricians are also required to have expertise in robotics. Each Active1 industrial electrician is trained in operating specialised equipment for these industries.

Commercial electricians, on the other hand, provide commercial repairs and maintenance. They perform electrical planning for commercial spaces and workplaces. A commercial electrician usually works with hand tools such as pliers and screwdrivers. They also perform commercial electrical safety inspections in commercial properties.

Between commercial and industrial electricians in Sydney, the difference in their specialised training and tools which distinguish their electrical work. Tier 1 electrical contractors often hire these two kinds of electricians for mid to large-scale projects.

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commercial electrician
Can A Commercial Electrician Do Domestic Work?

Yes, a commercial electrician can do this if they have the extra training and qualifications.

Sydney Domestic electrical work is different from industrial and commercial electrical installations. A domestic electrician will have Part P registration. Part P registration makes them qualified to inspect, install and test systems in residential settings.

A domestic electrician Sydney should be familiar with wiring for appliances, switches, and sockets. They will also be familiar with lighting installations for residential areas and are qualified to install and check bathroom wiring. Additionally, they will check and maintain electric radiators and underfloor heating.

A commercial electrician and a domestic electrician have similar base skills. But it’s always better to hire someone who specialises in domestic work for your home! Contact us if you’re looking for help – we can send a residential electrician in Sydney right over to lend a hand!

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Commercial Or Industrial Electrician?

One of the basic industrial and commercial electrician requirements is apprenticeship. An apprenticeship lasts for four years. Apprenticeships provide structured training on the job and in an electrical trade school. After four years, an apprentice will earn a Certificate III. This certificate shows that they have the necessary skills to be an electrician.

On the other hand, an industrial electrician’s certificate is Certificate III in Engineering – Industrial Electrician. Industrial electricians need to know robotics and the operation of more specialised equipment, which is why it requires a higher degree of certification.

Both commercial and industrial electricians will need an electrician’s license. Their license must be compliant with the necessary registration requirements in their states.

Consult The Best Industrial And Commercial Electrical Contractors In Sydney, NSW

Looking for someone to plan your electrical system? Let us take care of this for you! We’re a leading electrical contracting company with a decade of experience. We’ve handled electrical installations for industrial, commercial, and domestic properties.

When it comes to something as important as power, you need specialised help. Our electrical contractors in Sydney, NSW, are skilled in different electrical applications. No area is too big or small for our team to handle! Contact us through our site details to get a consultation and a quote for your job.

Our commercial and industrial electrician services for properties include:
  • Switchboard metering and private meters
  • Refurbishments & office/factory/shop fit-outs
  • Plant room installations
  • Switchboard design and upgrades
  • Dimmers
  • Sign lighting
  • Trenching for cabling
  • Photoelectric cell / sensors / timers

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at 0408 61 61 61. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!