Active 1 Electrical Services Sydney Oatlands, NSW, 2117
Mon-Sat 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Active 1 Electrical Services Sydney Oatlands, NSW, 2117
Mon-Sat 07:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Electrical Installation and Repair in Sydney
Professional Electrical Services Sydney

At Active 1 Electrical Services, we know that any electrical wiring or lighting system should be installed with care. We provide top-notch electrical services in Sydney at affordable prices, with an emphasis on durable solutions.

Our experienced and licensed electricians use the latest tools and developments in the electrical industry to best serve our client’s needs. Meticulous attention to detail combined with a commitment to excellent customer service makes us a leading electrical service comapny in Sydney.

Our Electrical Services
    We have extensive experience in servicing different electrical systems, from residential lighting installations to commercial electrical services in Sydney.

    Industrial And Commercial Electrical Services

    Businesses have special requirements for their electrical systems – aside from efficiency, they also have to comply with building regulations. A commercial electrician can handle basic jobs like electrical testing and general wiring and maintenance, but an industrial electrician is better equipped to handle a task like a switchboard upgrade.

    Our licensed industrial and commercial electricians can outfit your establishment/property with quality electrical systems, plus the knowledge to keep those systems running smoothly.
Appliance Installation Services

It can be difficult to install large appliances inside your home, especially if you’re not familiar with its electrical system. If you’re looking for a reliable electrical services provider in Sydney for appliance installations, we should be your first point of contact. In addition to our comprehensive appliance installation services, Our licensed electricians also check your wiring and overall circuit system for any potential risks – this minimises any chance that you’ll have issues with your new appliance down the road.

    Emergency Electrician Services

    Electrical issues can happen suddenly and without warning! In cases like these, you need an emergency electrician to come over to fix your problem right away. At Active 1 Electrical Services, we understand that time is of the essence since waiting too long can cause major damage to your property.

    Thankfully, our emergency electrical services in Sydney are always open to serve our clients. Once you call us, we’ll drop everything and get to your location quickly. We’ll make sure that our licensed electricians are fully equipped to diagnose and repair your problem as soon as they get there.
Residential Electrical Services
    Choosing a licensed electrician for professional electrical services at your home is important to keep your electrical systems in good shape. Once you find a quality domestic electrician, it becomes easier to repair, overhaul, and change your home’s electrical infrastructure without worry.

    We have highly trained residential electrical specialists that offer electrical services in Sydney for any concern you may have, with efficient solutions that last for a long time. Our electrical services pricing is affordable for any residential household, and we’ll work with you to install a solution that’s easy on the wallet.
CCTV And Alarm Systems Installation

Active 1 Electrical Services has plenty of experience helping clients protect and secure the things they value the most. With our full-fledged electrical services in Sydney, we offer a complete design, installation, and maintenance of lighting and alarm systems for high-security properties, working with your pre-existing security system for complete protection.

Our licensed electricians also perform a complete sweep for blind spots, hidden alcoves, and other potential areas that need to be monitored with your alarm system. By centralising your security system, we can help you maintain an ever-vigilant and effective surveillance and alarm network.

Commercial Lighting
Lighting Designs And Solutions
    Custom lighting is an excellent way for a property to stand out and distinguish itself on the market. Better lighting improves quality-of-life, adds a dimension of style, and is a necessity in the workplace. That’s why we leverage our experience in lighting design and installation to provide the best lighting for our clients.

    Lighting solutions need to be efficient while remaining inexpensive. We implement effective lighting systems that enhance the look of the property without costing too much in short-term installation costs and long-term upkeep fees.

    Electrical Installation Services

    We also fulfill niche electrical setups that need special skill sets and tools, like exhaust fan installation services. Our experience in electrical installation spans from large-scale jobs like complete wiring overhauls to simple outlet replacement, with long-lasting and personalised solutions for your needs.

    If you’re unsure about anything regarding your electrical systems, our licensed electricians also perform detailed evaluations and reports on any potential plans you may have that can affect your electrical systems. We can give you detailed briefings on electrical safety, appliance maintenance, and emergency procedures that you can quickly consult when you need them.
The Active 1 Electrical Services Guarantee

Our electrical company prides itself on delivering personalised, high-quality, and affordable electrical services for all our clients in Sydney. Our licensed electricians are trained to work on any issues you have with your electrical system, with the accreditation necessary for most technical electrical services jobs.

We also committed to delivering hassle-free electrical services in Sydney with an emphasis on customer feedback. We understand that not everyone may have the technical know-how to keep their electrical systems running, so our licensed electricians implement solutions that last long term.

For any concerns about maintenance and upkeep, our licensed electricians can also conduct regular inspections and testing to identify and resolve any issues before they escalate. Once we find an issue that needs to be fixed, we’ll give you the best recommendation based on your specific needs and how you want to develop your property.

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    Active 1 Electrical Services is dedicated to helping you solve any issues you have with your electrical systems. If you’re looking for a trusted and licensed electrician in Sydney, you can trust us to take care of the job!

    Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation, or visit our individual services pages to find out more about how we can help you.