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Active 1 Electrical Services Sydney Oatlands, NSW, 2117
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13 Jul, 2021
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Why Hire a Qualified Commercial Electrician?

It is vital that there are no electrical faults at the workplace to ensure the smooth running of all operations. However, in the case where there is a fault with the electrical lines or an appliance, it is vital one calls the professionals to avoid bigger trouble and prevent a complete breakdown of the electrical system.

In fact, there is a high risk while dealing with electrical issues and it is best to leave it to the professionals. Attempting to do it yourself can result in serious injuries. There are many types of electricians, for example, those who offer residential services, commercial services and industrial services. It is a good practice for a business to hire a  qualified commercial electrician, one that is a Level-2 electrician as explained in this article


Benefits of hiring a qualified electrical contractor in Sydney 


Professional electricians will always be highly committed to their work. They are highly skilled and work with full dedication to get to the bottom of the problem. They are well experienced to find the problem fast and solve it easily too. They are usually quick to respond and have the ability to get your systems back online in quick time.

When you choose to hire professional electricians you can rest assured the quality of work will be high. Such electricians are highly qualified and fully trained. They will usually have a formal degree and plenty of experience. Leaving the task of fixing your electrical issues in the hands of qualified and experienced professionals will also give one more confidence since they are assured of high-quality work.

The professionals have the expertise to find the fault fast thus saving your firm a great deal of downtime. It can help prevent loss of productivity, ensure safety and is also an opportunity to learn a few tips and tricks on how to stay safe.

These electricians will usually be fully licensed to carry out the electrical work and also be insured in the case where anything goes wrong. They will also provide a guarantee of their services and use their experience and qualification to provide high-quality assistance.

At times, hiring a qualified electrician can also help save a lot of time and money.

The professionals offer a highly reliable service and can fix any type of electrical problem and at the same time guarantee your safety.

It is essential one abides by the electrical codes while performing electrical work. They are fully aware of the electrical rules and regulations and will ensure your place of work complies with them.

Besides fixing your electrical issue, they will also inspect for any additional electrical hazards. They have a trained eye to spot potential problems and fix them in time to prevent them from turning into something major that might affect the normal functioning of your business.


Qualifications of a Commercial Electrician 

A commercial electrician will offer commercial electrical services like planning, inspection and designing of electrical systems. Active 1 Electrical Services are professional electricians who offer their expertise to offices, shopping malls, as well as retail stores. We have the expertise to spot the problem fast and also coordinate with the building contractors if necessary to fix an electrical fault.

Active 1 Electrical Services are level 2 electricians and offer service as an industrial electrician as well. We also offer residential electrical services and are emergency electricals offering a 24×7 service. In order to qualify as a commercial or industrial electrician, one needs to have had an apprenticeship for at least 4 years.

The reason being this ensures structured training on the job. It is only once this is complete one will receive their certification will they be eligible to work as a commercial electrician. All the technicians at Active 1 Electrical are fully trained and qualified and we offer residential, commercial as well as industrial electrical services.

What to expect from the electrician?

When it comes to fixing electrical issues at commercial places, you can trust us to take care of all your issues. Active 1 Electrical Services can fix all your electrical problems and also help with new installations. Some of the services we provide include testing & tagging, electrical maintenance, data network cabling, wiring & maintenance, globe changes, relocation, sign lighting, smoke alarms, air conditioning supply feeds.

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